TV for the OTT Generation

TV for the OTT Generation

WebTuner brings a better way to watch TV, over broadband. Get live TV, on demand and Internet video, using one integrated content guide to find what you want to watch.

All available through one powerful little computer that plugs directly into any outlet and connects via Ethernet or Wifi.

A Simple Solution

TV as you know it, made better

Watch TV how you want, with WebTuner’s sleek remote control: One side for simple channel surfing, the other for interactivity using the QWERTY keyboard. Powerful search capabilities include all types of content — cross-linking celebrities, TV shows and movies to help you discover new entertainment options.

A Virtual MVPD, Ready to Run

A Virtual MVPD, Ready to Run

MVPDs, MSOs, Telcos, ISPs: WebTuner delivers everything you need to deliver a next-generation TV experience… and more.

Designed to work with and enhance the existing TV industry business model, WebTuner’s back-end services let you easily manage content and advertising while delivering real-time data and insights about viewers not previously available.

Engage Viewers

A New Way to Engage Viewers

WebTuner’s addressable and interactive advertising platform enables a new level of viewer engagement: hyper-targeted, interactive and transaction-enabled.


Everything you need to deliver a next generation TV experience.


Service Provider

Virtual MVPD or JV Partner

Hardware Licensing

Internet Tuner and Remote Control

Software Licensing

• User Experience (UX) and Integrated Content Guide (EPG)
• Audience Measurement System
• Interactive and Addressable Advertising Platform

Additional Uses

• Digital signage
• Retail in-store video distribution
• Games streaming to multiple screens
• Other video publishing and Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities

Executive Team

Created by a team that believes the killer application for the television is watching TV.



Bernee Strom

Chairman, CEO

Bernee Strom is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or run a number of companies, including Gemstar International,, Infospace, Inc., and Ibiquity (USA Digital Radio). Bernee has more than 20 years’ experience in media and technology businesses, and is a current or former member of the board of directors of Benchmark Electronics, Hughes Electronics/DirecTV, Polaroid and Software Publishing Corp., as well as other public and private companies.  She is a Trustee of the NPR Foundation.


Edward Zaslavsky

Chief Technology Officer

Edward has more than 19 years of experience as a senior digital software architect, systems analyst, engineer and system integrator.  While working for FourthWall Media he developed the EBIF User Agent, now an industry standard. He also developed an EPG listings distribution system while at Liberate Technology that was used in interactive television offerings (TV Navigator & OnRamp ) for Comcast and Cox Communications.   Over his career, his clients have included Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Motorola, Tribune Media Services and BSkyB, among others.


Eric Diaz

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Eric Diaz, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, joined WebTuner from Rovi Corporation, where he was Director of Sales.  At Rovi, Eric negotiated sales opportunities with companies such as Verizon, Mediacom, Bright House and Atlantic Broadband worth more than $130 million. Previously Eric was VP of Sales and Business Development at GENBAND, working with top tier MSOs such as Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House, Mediacom and Wide Open West on deals totaling more than $200 million. Eric has held leadership at Motorola, Lucent and several leading mobile and digital content delivery companies.

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WebTuner, Corp, based in Redmond, WA, delivers a next generation TV experience with advanced hardware and services offering access to live TV, on demand and streaming video via broadband. WebTuner brings together a remarkably small set top box that can plug directly into any electrical socket with an advanced electronic content guide that offers a single interface for a variety of content types. WebTuner provides MSOs, MVPDs, content owners and other broadcasting partners a new way to give consumers everything they want in the easiest to use, most elegant package available.

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